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Replay Sports Equipment Recycling


REPLAY is a sports equipment recycling program that supplies used Wilson sports equipment to schools, sports facilities, community groups and charitable organizations in need. It is based on the 3 P's: Pick it up, Play with it and Pass it on! Check out some of some great results of Replay!

In the past several years, Sport and Social Club has donated over $15 000.00 of sports equipment to various groups in Toronto and world wide. With the support of Wilson, we look forward to continuing this program.

To request a donation of equipment, please email us and make sure to state who you are and what organization you represent, what kind of equipment you are looking for, and the quantity of equipment you are looking for. Keep in mind that the Wilson equipment we have is basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, and volleyballs. Please be advised that Sport and Social Club's inventory of equipment varies depending on the time of year.

Gashora Sport and Social Club
From: Melissa Alvares
Sent: November 3, 2009 3:49 PM
To: Chris Loat
Subject: Photos of Rwanda

Hi Chris, Just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all the balls that you donated to my trip to Rwanda.

All the sports supplies were taken to the town called Gashora, in rural Rwanda. There are number of reasons why we choose Gashora as the place that needed our help. Gashora is one of the poorest regions in Rwanda and Rwanda is widely considered to be amongst the poorest counties in the world. Rwanda does not possess the rich natural resources that some African nations possess and therefore attracts little foreign investment and attention. One other reason that we felt that Rwanda needed our help was in response to the 1994 genocide that killed close to 1 million people. The citizens of Rwanda have lifted themselves up after that tragedy and have showed incredible resilience in re-building their country but in many ways felt abandoned by the world community.

After 2 weeks of a lot of hard work and sweat (and a few injuries) We were able to construct a basketball court which will be used by the entire community. Building a basketball court in Rwanda consists of laying a foundation of stones by hand, then breaking them up and making them fit together and level. Then you mix cement by hand, shovel it into pans and pass it down a chain and fill the entire court pan by pan!

On the opening day of the court, we brought out all the sports gear and did a little demo of how to play baseball, football, ultimate, volleyball and of course basketball on the new court. This court has become a gathering point for the entire town! Since our mission, the town of Gashora has decided to set up a Youth Sports Cooperative that will focus on economic development for the promotion of sports in Gashora. By the Mayor registering the cooperative, this will generate more support and training for the benefit of youth in Gashora. Summer Basketball, Softball and volleyball camps are being organized as we speak!!

Once again thanks so much for your donation! We take having places to play sports and organizations like TSSC for granted here in Toronto, but for a small community like Gashora it is the greatest gift that we can give them. I have attached a few photos to this email but you can view all of them here:


Managua Sport and Social Club
From: Stephanie Ashton
Sent: March 2, 2006 9:30 AM
To: Chris Loat
Subject: Greetings from Nicaragua
Good morning Chris!

I have returned from my trip to Nicaragua, and the donated soccer balls you provided were well received!!! I want to express my thanks on behalf of the children! The balls were split up and we were able to provide 4 soccer teams with 2-3 balls each for their program. The schools had soccer teams in place, but they did not have any soccer balls, so your donation has made a significant difference!

I've attached a few pictures of the teams here!

Again, thanks very much. I hope to do this again!

Stephanie Ashton
Business Development Manager
Global Relief Fund, Inc.

San Carlos, Phillipines Sport and Social Club
From: John G. Vergara
Sent: February 18, 2009 8:30 AM
To: Chris Loat
Subject: Soccer Equipment Request

Dear Chris,

Thank you very much for the ten new soccer balls that you send us. We met your parents-in-law last Sunday in Bacolod City and they're truly warm and cordial during the short time that we had. We will always remember your kindness to the children that will use the soccer balls and hope one day you could visit our place- San Carlos City. God Bless and regards to your family.

John G. Vergara
Team Manager, Los Amigos Football team

Check out the photos here.