Our Head Office is moving!
As of Friday, Oct 28th 2016, our new address is:
245 Eglinton Ave E, Suite 420, Toronto, ON, M4P 3B7
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1: I have no experience with this sport: 100% rookie.
2: I have a little experience with this sport, but it may take a while to shake off the rust.
3: I have moderate experience with this sport, but won't be able to carry the team to the championship game by myself.
4: I have a lot of experience with this sport. My skills are solid and while I won't be the MVP of every game, I may occasionally make the highlight reel for some kind of awesomeness.
5: I am very experienced with this sport, and likely to be one of the best participants in the program.
There are 3 main responsibilities for the team captain. They are:

1) EQUIPMENT: Your sport may require equipment. If it does, you are responsible for ensuring your team has equipment in time for your first game. Check out the Equipment Page for exact details about equipment.
2) ATTENDANCE: Please use the attendance feature in your schedule so that you can see who is coming to your game. If it looks like not enough players are available for a given game, please encourage teammates to help find subs, or use our handy subfinder tool.
3) SCORES: Win or lose, at the end of your game you are responsible for reporting your score. You can do this right from your phone or report it later online.

...And that's it! We really appreciate you volunteering for this important role. If you're having any issues during the season you can contact us and we will help you out!
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