National Beach Centre - Court 1

Address: 75 Carl Hall Road (north of Wilson Avenue, east of Keele St. (Downsview Park))

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Goose & Firkin - 1875 Leslie Street - 9.39km
Mackenzie's High Park - 1982 Bloor Street West - 10.43km
Loons - 416 Roncesvalles Avenue - 10.75km
Firkin on Bloor - 81 Bloor Street East - 11.24km
Toby's Pub and Eatery - 411 College Street - 11.47km
Gabby's - 157 Roncesvalles - 11.64km
Gabby's - 556 Sherbourne Street - 11.71km
Mick E Fynn's - 45 Carlton Street - 12.19km
Dog & Bear Pub - 1100 Queen Street West - 12.23km
Black Swan Tavern - 157 Danforth Avenue - 12.35km
Dog's Bollocks - 817 Queen Street West - 12.42km
Wheat Sheaf - 667 King Street West - 12.86km
Wild Wing - 675 King Street West - 12.87km
Dublin Calling Party Pub & Kitchen - 250 Adelaide St W - 12.98km
Shoeless Joe's King St. - 276 King St W, Toronto, ON - 13.13km

Description: To get to the National Beach Centre from Carl Hall Road, turn right immediately after passing the train tracks. Make your first left, and the court entrance and parking will be along The Hangar building on the right-hand side. Look for big blue sign with the #3. Enter through the green double doors (TSSC sign on door) on the North side. Court #1 is the first court on your left, followed by Court #2 and Court #3. Change rooms are down the hall directly across from court #2 (red doors).

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  • There is NO SMOKING at any Sport and Social Club playing venues!

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