TSSC Community
Lost and Found
Post a message about something you have lost or found at TSSC Leagues or Events.
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Players Looking for TSSC Teams
Post a message here if you are a player looking for a team. This will not guarantee you a spot. All players must be rostered in order to be sanctioned by TSSC.
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Sell or Buy an SSC Spot
Got switched to the night shift? Going travelling? Moving to another city? If it is past the registration deadline try selling your spot here!
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TSSC Teams Looking for Players
Post a message here if you are a TSSC team looking for players. Please post a reply if your request is filled. All players be rostered, even if they are only substituting for your team.
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Other Stuff
Looking for services or to buy or sell something? Post it here.
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Happenings in Toronto
If you want to get the word out about a great party or event this is the place to do it! Note: these may not be TCSSC Events. Please do not contact TSSC for information on them.
76 80 Sep 16, 2017
Post a message here if you are looking for a job or you need to hire someone.
22 23 Aug 21, 2017
Places to Live
Post a message here if you are looking for a place to live or if you have a place you wish to rent.
30 33 May 19, 2017
TSSC News, Events, Policies and Rules Updates
Announcements for SSC Leagues
Important information you need to know if you play in the leagues.
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Community Events/Charities
Check out community/charity events that are happening in Toronto. To request a listing here, email with event details. These events are posted soley at the discretion of the TSSC.
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